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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Buy and sell underwear at HunxTrunx

HunxTrunx is a fairly new site for buying and selling your underwear. It was recently brought to my attention by the owner and founder of the site. I asked him a little bit about why he started the site and what is goals for the site are. He responded that the site was born out of frustration. He had tried to sell some of his underwear and swim gear on ebay, but most of it was removed by them as being too provocative. He searched around and couldn't find any place that would allow guys to buy and sell their gear. He was just certain that there must be many other guys out there that would want to buy and sell gear so he thought, why not make his own site? And that's exactly what he decided to do. He sells quite a bit of his own gear on the site, but he also allows users to sell their own gear on their site or make exchanges (all for very low, set rates, read this page to learn about selling your gear at HunxTrunx). He contacted me because he thought that a lot of my users would be interested in selling their underwear and buying underwear from others. And I'd have to say, given that many readers have drawers bulging with underwear, I concur. So check out HunxTrunx and get some new gear for reasonable prices and sell some of your own (you can even do trades).


Anonymous said...

I have used this site and bought some underwear off Hunxtrunx. It arrived in super quick time, was very reasonable and exactly as described - so I would give it a thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

sounds gross wearing someone elses underwear!!

Anonymous said...

I have done this for years.. on .. great way to get rid of stuff and the market for it is amazing ahha