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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Underwear Answers (UA): premier installment

Lots of people read this blog, men and women, gay and straight, there is a very wide variety of readers. Not everyone is as informed about everything underwear as others. This is meant to be an informative blog. Thus, today I have decided to launch a new segment called "Underwear Answers". I receive many questions by email about underwear etiquette and problems. Instead of just benefiting the asker I think it's a great idea for everyone to be able to read the questions and the answers. So here is the first one.

Question: "My husband is trying to find a way to tuck his shirt into boxers without them sticking out the top of his trousers... how do you get the shirt tight like if you tucked them into briefs?"
Asker: Bridget
Category: Underwear Etiquette
Answer: OK... so here's how it should go. He should not tuck in the outside layer (the shirt that everyone sees) into the underwear. If he is wearing an undershirt it is acceptable to tuck the undershirt into the underwear. Put on the undershirt first and then pull on the underwear over it. Now he can put on the overshirt and then pull on the pants over those. If there is no undershirt involved he should put on the underwear, then the shirt and then pull on the pants over the shirt (and the shirt should remain in between the pants and the underwear, NOT IN the undies).

I think this is a fun idea that could potentially help a lot of people. So send your questions my way (my email is listed in the sidebar) and I will attempt to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

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