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Friday, February 09, 2007

RIPS Performance - Thai "Silk"

I've gotta say, RIPS really has something great going here with this new Thai "silk". I got a sample pair recently and they are just great, stay tuned for a review. Meanwhile, read what RIPS has to say about it:

"RIPS Performance Garments (tencel/spandex) come from exotic Bangkok and evoke sensations rarely experienced in everyday underwear. "Wicked?" Only in the sense that RIPS Performance wicks away the moisture from the sultry night or a day at the gym, leaving the wearer dry and unaffected by the heat of the situation. RIPS Performance styles are made from a microfiber Tencel® with a touch of spandex – and we guarantee you will love the luxurious feel of this soft, environmentally-friendly fabric. Tencel has a cooling effect when temperatures get hot and a warming effect when it’s cold. Tencel is a natural cellulose performance fiber that is ideal for activewear whether worn during summer OR winter. European judges awarded Tencel® the Eco-Award for an exemplary "green" effect on our planet in the manufacturing process from tree pulp to highly touchable fabric.

"We offer 6 silhouettes in silky-smooth Tencel® fabric that drape for the ultimate body-enhancing fit and the moisture-wicking breathability of a premium performance fabric. The modern styling and soft fabric creat e garments that are infused with comfort and support in superb clean lines. Tencel® fibers are arranged to create unique moisture management and absorb 130% more vapor than cotton. Our new RIPS Performance garments retain their sensational colors wash-after-wash due to the unique characteristics of the Tencel® fibers. These PERFORMANCE styles have a sensational touch and will definitely win a spot in your “favorites” – whether you save them for special occasions or wear everyday!"

So if this sounds great pick yours up at Skiviez (currently having a sale on these very items!).

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