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Friday, February 02, 2007

Paul Frank underwear

I've never posted about Paul Frank underwear before, I have known about it but I have never seen it for sale anywhere before. The only Paul Frank underwear I've ever seen for sale was women's underwear or men's boxer shorts. But recently I have noticed that Freshpair now has Paul Frank underwear in stock! I really think this underwear is fun and unique. Freshpair has three fun patterns in two styles. They have leopard print (shown in brief style) and Thomas (white and black stripes) in briefs and boxer briefs. They also stock a days of the week three-pack. Three-pack? Yes three-pack. I know there are more than three days in the week, but these are reversible. That sure gives a new meaning to turning your undies inside out for an extra day (which by the way I never do). So I recommend you check these cool things out, they are really fun and I'm sure you'll fall in love with them at first sight just like I have.

And remember, "Paul Frank is your friend!"

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