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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

User Photos and Story

These photos actually came to me a long time ago from a user who wishes to remain anonymous. I was recently clearing out my inbox and found them, and so since they were sent to me to post, I decided to post them. Here's the user's story behind these photos and him in general. If you would like to share your underwear photos on the blog feel free to send them to my email. Also if you want to view the full-size version of these photos, just click on them.

"The first photo shows the sheer thong I got from It has very a smooth and fine fabric unlike other sheer (especially 100% nylon) underwears [sic].

"I was in Joe Snyder's bikini in the second photo. It has a nice cut at the back, and the material (spandex) offers all the support I needed.

"The [third] photo [posted below] is a pair of woman's thong strictly speaking, but I actually preferred this photo as it added a touch of femininity to the pair of rugged jeans. I named the photo 'Guns and Roses'.

"I used to hate wearing underwear when I was young. I just don't like the old white grandpa-style briefs my parents got for me, so I used to take them off when I came back from school.

"Finally, my parents stopped buying underwear for me, so I had the freedom to explore many options - I moved from white to blue and black, then more daring colors like red and bright yellow. In terms of style, I moved from bikini to mini/tanga, and tried a couple of thongs. I have also tried materials from cotton to lycra, nylon to spandex. It's all about experimenting - why do people spend hundreds of dollars on clothes to show to others, but paid just the bare minimum to get the same old boring underwear?"

Great story and photos. Thanks so much for sharing. If you'd like to see your photos on this blog just send them my way.

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