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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day - Feb. 14

Happy Valentine's Day.
Hope you've been following the count to this day. Click here to view all my selections (keep in mind they are in no particular ranked order and really aren't based on anything except for that they would make cool gifts). Also one last gift/tip for Valentine's day.
A little tip for your Valentine's evening or post-Valentine's fun:
The Bulge - The Bulge is a discreet, flexible-web insert that creates an impressive, realistic package enhancement in swimsuit or underwear. It fits securely over the penis like a codpiece, giving a guy greater visual proportions without anyone ever knowing his secret.The large head and thick shaft will cling discernibly to most fabrics, even when wet. The product's flexible material allows it to move naturally. Well suited for the pool, club or the locker room. The Bulge's poly-vinyl mesh material is waterproof and machine washable, and keeps its form with extended use.

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