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Monday, February 26, 2007

Surprise: Fashionable Underwear for Sale at Target!

I like Target just as much as the next man, it's a great place to get a good deal. But when it comes to buying my underwear there, I have just written it off as not a good place. I've thought of it as cheap, lacking in quality, boring and not stylish. I've thought of them as just selling the generics (Hanes, FTL, etc.), nothing special. Well, in the past few weeks I've been browsing their underwear collection online, and I've got to say, they've changed it up quite a bit. I am very impressed. Yes it's still cheap (I don't know about the quality) but it's no longer boring and it has lots of style. Some of their best offerings are from Mossimo. They have some great briefs which remind me a lot of American Apparel's briefs (only they are even cheaper at Target). They also offer some great Mossimo boxerbriefs in a variety of prints and patterns: Scorpions, Camo, and my favorite one with a Monkey (shown). I cannot attest to the quality of any of these stylish drawers yet, but I can attest to the price. I doubt you will get anything with such style at a lower price; you seriously cannot beat $5.99 (the price for most of the stylish underwear at Target). So next time you are looking for some stylish underwear on a budget, hit up (I don't think that they offer most of the stylish stuff in stores).

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