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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Count to Valentine's - Day 1

-Brand: Andrew Christian
-Style: Lifeguard Low-cut boxer - red
-Who to give this to: This particular pair could probably be given to any hip man. He's bound to love it. And every pair of Andrew Christian underwear now comes with Show-It technology to help enhance your man's goods. So why not buy him a pair. He'll love you for it (although make sure that by giving this to him you aren't questioning his manhood by saying he's too small and needs the Show-It for enhancement).
-Price: $26 (a little pricey, but it's Valentine's, so splurge!)
-Valentine's Spin: This pair is fairly classic with a bit of updating. Great for the modern man. Other pairs from AC may be a little riskier to give, so make sure you really know your man well.
-Also: Frankly any of the other underwear in the Andrew Christian line would make a great Valentine's gift. But some of the underwear (especially the embellished pairs) may be a little too much for some men. So make sure that your man likes embellished underwear, not just the basic pairs.

*Remember, the "Count to Valentines" is not in any ranked order*

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