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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tulio Interview from MensUnderwearStore

The folks at MensUnderwearStore (MUS) have decided that it would be fun to share their interviews with designers with other blogs. Below is an excerpt of their interview with Tulio, to view the full interview go to their blog.

What’s next for Tulio?

Red is going to be like black was in the 90’s - it’s popular to wear bright colors now. I go to the remote beaches of the world to search for design ideas, and I see less and less black.

How do you define “sexy”?

Sexy is not about what you wear or what you put on your body, it’s who you are and how you feel.

Not everyone looks like a model. What are your suggestions for everyone else who wants to look good in their underwear?

It’s not about what you look like at all. Fashion and sex appeal mean wearing what makes you feel good. You don’t have to look like a model to look good in the clothes that you wear.

For the full interview, visit

Tulio really has some good things to say, especially the part about how you do not have to be a model to be sexy. This is very true and I think everyone can apply this to their lives.

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