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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pull-in underwear launches online store!

I have long admired the pull-in underwear line. But after contacting them I found that there weren't very many easy ways to purchase their underwear online, thus I decided to not blog about it. But today I received an email informing me that they have launched an official web store. I am very excited about this development. I am hoping to get to try some soon. Pull-in underwear is a really unique and funky brand. It's really hard to describe, so take a look at their collection (there are women's underwear photos in it as well). Their online store currently only offers two different pairs of men's underwear for purchase, but I expect that they will continue adding more (they just launched today so give them some time). Check out this fun new line, and they do have a heart trunk up in time for Valentine's day. It's a little hard to tell what their underwear looks like from the photos offered on their website, but you can tell that they have lots of fun prints and waistbands. Do a Google search for more photos.

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