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Saturday, February 03, 2007


UMan Says: The following is an exclusive guest post from B-Dogg written especially for this blog. I think this post will add a nice difference of opinion. Please read and give B-Dogg your honest (and respectful) feedback. B-Dogg also wrote the Boxerselegence post.

If you are a guy who loves to wear boxer shorts you probably do so for a number of reasons personal to you. Probably you find them comfortable and versatile, and with interesting patterns you like. But, what is the missing element? What is it that makes them almost addictive, makes them so fascinating that you just want to buy every pair you see? Now, let's go a step further. You are a boxer wearer, but no, you are are a sagger. A person who wears boxer shorts and then either wears them so others can see them, or wears the pants extra low and then covers them boxers with a large shirt. Why this is so popular is a mystery. We can guess colorful style, sexual expression and attractiveness, rebellious attitude etc and if it was here and there, it could be dismissed as being no more prominent than any other fashion style over the last 30 years, here today and gone tomorrow like zoot suits and bell bottoms--which of course come back in style now and again as do most clothing styles every 30 years or so. No, we are speaking of an American trend in which a very high percentage of boys and young men do it. Moreover, this trend has lasted more than 10 years without stopping.....and throughout its 10 to 15 years has expanded by a) being worn by more and more guys as a percentage of the population b) being worn at a deeper level and c) being worn by younger and younger guys.

Trends being what they are, this one is definitely on the upswing. At some point, people who do not like the style started to notice that it was taking over. So pervasive it became that schools started making rules banning it. And why? People fear what they don't understand. And sagger, I am here to tell you that there are adults who agree with sagging and do not agree with rules stopping it. I'm a an adult and here are a few reasons I think sagging is important and should be protected as a freedom.
1) It's good for the economy. Most people who want to show their boxer shorts own at least a few pairs that are the special patterned designs. Overall, the sagger who wishes to be complete probably owns more pairs of boxers than the person who wears plain stuff. Let us not forget the fancy belts needed to hold the sag in the desired position. And, boxers placed on sale next to other merchandise, such as skateboarding goods, could inspire someone to make additional purchases.
2) Slows the emasculation of males. Throughout history men of strength have been portrayed in statuary and art as muscle bound and heroic. Often they are depicted only with fig leaves or togas. Men were hunters, soldiers and politicians, beings of power. Today, sagging can assist in resurrecting this thought. I believe we as a society want young men to be emotionally softer than historically. So, letting young men be saggers is another way to permit men to show that they are not afraid of what people think, that they have independent ideas, that they show style, and that they wish to send a message to others that should be heard. In young men and boys, the style is imitated, to send a new generation up to the ranks as the other one ages. We need a constant stream of sagging guys starting young to move up through the sagger ranks.
3) Unmasks hypocrisy. More and more guys are becoming saggers, even in the face of some of the strongest opposition. Ever notice those who are making the rules have never tried it for themselves? The more they try, the more people disobey and thats the way to change a world. In a way its like the former South Africa where a small percentage of the people dictated to a majority without even asking their opinion. Well, soon the tide will be so great that nobody can stop it. And thats the way the world evolves. It changes in favor of the path of least resistance. People yelling from their balconies to the millions of people below that they are all wrong in their
fashion choices will just have their voices grow fainter and ever fainter. Such is the effect of underwear.

Well those reasons are something to think about. I also want to say, please don't let the fashion die because you don't see it going anywhere. It's one of those things where you don't know the good you are doing. Sagger, did you know that people are watching you. In the malls, at the skate park, walking down the street, people are watching you. People are enjoying the sight of sags. A car may drive by, looks ordinary enough, but inside is somebody going WOW, perhaps craning their neck for another look. And you thought you were just imitating your friends, keeping the sag alive for the future. No. Every sagger should know that every time a sag is displayed it will affect some member of the public. Someone you probably weren't aware of. Some will say, GOD THAT IS AWFUL...some will say...WOW look at the SAG on that GUY. Maybe its a girl/guy who says omg that guy is HOT, maybe a mom who says my god does my son look like that...maybe its another guy sagger who says gee that sag is lower than mine. It doesnt matter...but sagger you should know it is vital that you continue because sagging is All American for the reasons above and perhaps most importantly it FORCES AN OPINION OR THOUGHT. Good or bad, you are forcing the observer to take a viewpoint. You are provoking action. In some cases you are bringing incredible happiness to perfect strangers who just love to see sags. Again, you are oblivious to
this....but please keep it up, you do not know the good you are doing. KEEP THE FAITH and pass the word.


JayToday said...

I'm nearly speachless after reading this post. Spent most of the time I was reading with a furrowed brow. There are a lot of very strong statements in this post claming to very large ideals.

Presently studying in merchandising, specialising in fasion, I was a little susprised at some of the statements, I think I would have enjoyed some references to back up this article for some of the opinions expressed, as I have a hard time taking what was said as much more then that, just opinion; despite it not being formulated as such.

Although i have to say it's a refreshing perspective, since you don't often hear about this trend, unless it is in fact comming from a reporter who, quite evidently, has never and will never sagg themself. But I find it overly idealistic and a little fluffy. Cause for reflection, indeed. But not an article that should be taken as fact, refferenced or taken too seriously.

Anonymous said...

I would like to take exception to one of the sections of the post. Namely the section "Slows the emasculation of males". I couldn't disagree more.

In my opinion... boxer and boxer brief trends are lending themselves more to masking the male figure, not enhancing it. It would seem that the present trends are consciously (maybe sub-consciously) trying cover up the male "figure". Why this is, I will leave to the experts.

The author goes on to say that choosing boxers some how shows freedom of expression. I guess that might be true. Maybe it's a generational thing... I'm a boomer and as kids and teens we would have never been caught dead in boxers. Also "sagging" was mostly for poor kids, who wore hand me downs that didn't fit right.

Times and people change and so does our underwear. Let's not over think the issue and whatever you wear... be comfortable and happy.